Aeronautics Technology and Aviation Maintenance (ATAM) Pilot Program
The Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium (MASGC) has entered a partnership with the Cape Cod Community College (CCCC), to assist in the establishment and accreditation of an Aeronautics Technology and Aviation Maintenance (ATAM) Program at CCCC. The proposed program addresses the needs both of the Commonwealth and the entire New England region (given that Logan International Airport is a major airport serving the entire region) for qualified technicians and mechanics in the aviation industry. This program also addresses one of NASA’s avowed priorities, as stated by NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD), to “solve the challenges that exist in our nation’s air transportation system” and will add to NASA ARMD’s goals of contributing to “solutions to benefit the flying public every day”.  
Cape Cod Community College personnel developed the idea of the ATAM to address the shortage of mechanics certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in Massachusetts. The time to fill a vacancy for a qualified aviation technician can be up to 12 months and there are numerous unfilled vacancies for skilled technicians at Logan International Airport, Boston, MA.
MASGC has proposed to assist in the successful foundation of this program by providing seed funding for initial classes of students. The consortium will provide “NASA Space Grant Aerospace Operations Fellowships” to students for tuition in CCCC’s proposed Certificate/Degree program to train new workers as certified mechanics and technicians in the aviation industry.


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